$IDART - Impact Digital Art Token/Coin

The World’s 1st Utility Token / Memecoin launched by a NFT Marketplace*  focused in the Social, Humanitarian and Climate Impact Causes and Charity/Philanthropic Projects.

*Our NFT and Token Platforms support the most reputable NGOs to fund their great impact causes.

$IDART Presale Phase 1* starts in

Presale (Up to 1/3 of Supply)


*Buy now before price increases in Phase 2


$IDART is the Utility Social, Humanitarian and Climate Token / Memecoin issued by www.impactdigital.art (NFT Marketplace).

Web3 Community Impact Platform
Our NFT and $IDART platforms were both developed with focus in the community engagement and its direct participation in the content and activities management, based in the use of our utility tokens during future pools to decide about NFTs new themes and NGOs for our donations, etc.
Digital Art NFTs Powered by AI
www.impactdigital.art was developed with the usage of the best AI and digital art tools and will be officially launched right before this Presale (platform is already operational now so with no risk of failure of performance during the project life).
Donation based NFT Marketplace
For each sale of any NFT from our editions and collections will be reverted into a Donation (between 15% - 25% of net sale amount) to the relevant NGOs around the World chosen by us and by our community and NFTs and $IDART holders.

Why choose $IDART

Easy to Buy (We accept +80 Cryptos/Tokens) + Up to 20% Bonus during the Presale
You can buy our token in this PreSale using more than 80 Cryptos/Tokens and also get up to 20% Bonus over the ICO launching price
Protected and Safe Token Purchase during the Presale and also in the ICO
Pay with simple steps through a protected and safe crypto payment gateway provided by an audited Web3 Payment Fintech
Security & Privacy over your personal data and info
We provide high levels standards of security to all users regarding all their personal data and crypto information

$IDART Presale Details

Presale & ICO Details

Presale Start
Aug 8, 2024 (08:08 AM GMT)
Presale End
Sep 30th, 2024 (23:59 GMT) ***
Acceptable Currencies
More than 80 Cryptocurrencies (**)
Tokens for Presale (Up to 1/3 of Total Supply*)
33.333.333.333 Tokens
Tokens Exchange Rate (Only in Phase 1)
Each Batch of 100 USDCs = 400.000 $IDARTs
Purchase Batch Range
Minimum: 1 Batch of 100 USDCs (100 USDCs) / Max: 500 Batches of 100 USDCs each (50.000 USDCs)
Aug 8th -Aug 31st
20% Bonus
Sep 01st - Sep 15th
10% Bonus
Sep 16th- Sep 30th
5% Bonus
Beginning of October
ICO Launch Price

(*) $IDART (Total Supply)= tokens/coins

(***) The suggested timetable for the Presale can be adjusted (anticipated or postponed) based in the milestones and target achievements during this Presale.

Road map

Our Strategy - Impact NFT Project & Token Plan*

Feb 2024

Project Conception

  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
  • Business Plan
  • Start Partnerships
Apr 2024

NFT Marketplace Creation

  • Development of the
  • Markeplace Platform
  • and starting the AI Art
  • Creation for
  • NFTs innitial Editions.
Jun 2024

Token Concept

  • Development of the
  • Presale Platform
  • and Community Starting
Aug 2024

Token Presale

  • Official Launch
  • of $IDART Presale
  • at the Token Platform
Sep 2024

Token Deploy and Audit

  • $IDART ERC20 Smart
  • Contract development
  • auditing and deployment
Oct 2024


  • Official ICO of $IDART
  • starting the Swap/Trading
  • in the main DEXs/CEXs
Oct 2024

$IDART Airdrops

  • Start Airdrops (10% of
  • Supply to the holders of
  • $IDART and of our NFTs
  • and to the Community)
Nov 2024

Utility Usage of Tokens

  • First Votations for
  • $IDART Holders (as
  • set in the Whitepaper)
Dec 2024

Innitial Donations

  • Start of Donations to
  • the NGOs supported by
  • www.impactdigital.art

* Any of the future dates above are subject to changes based in the progress of this Presale milestones and therefore from the Token/Coin implementations depending on it.


Read Our Documents

Here is our key document that will help you to understand deeply about our NFT Markeplace, impact project, Tokenomics, and our future developments, etc.



The Team Leader

Team Leader - Artist / NFT Curator

Team Leader - Artist / NFT Curator

Vincent Van Block

Partners & Supporters

Coin Voting Platforms (Where $IDART is Top Listed)

DEXs (Where $IDART will be Listed)


CEXs ($IDART Future Listing)


Frequently Asked Questions


"What thinks the prestigious Ethereum Founder about Memecoins x Philanthropy"

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